Hey! Do you have leftovers....

So with the launch of Family Meals, and our generous portions, we thought we would give you some ideas to eat up your leftovers. Happy Eating!

F1 - Crack Chicken over Rice = so this is absoulutely a great leftover for a whole new meal.

* Toast a bun and heat up the chicken/rice mixture in the microwave. Place the chicken mixture on the bun and add your favorite BBQ Sauce. Add a side, root vegetable fries are great, and enjoy.

* Heat the chicken mixture in the microwave. Bake your favorite potato, white sweet potatoes are great. Top the potato with the chicken mixture. Add some chives, sour cream, and more bacon.

* Take your leftover chicken mixutre and make a whole new casserole. Throw in some broccoli, add a little bit of milk and bake until heated through.

F2 - Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast with Mashed Potaotes = get creative with this one and think outside the box.

* Cut up the leftover chicken, put the mashed potatoes in a bowl. Add some corn, or chopped broccoli ontop of the mashed potatoes. Top with the cut up chicken and heat in the microwave for a quick bowl.

* Cut up the chicken, saute with some onion, carrots, cauliflower and season to your liking. Serve the mashed potatoes on the side.

* Mix the mashed potatoes with some corn and green onions. Mix it to form a soft ball. If it's to dry, add just a touch of milk. Make into patties and fry in a pan until brown on each side. Cut up the chicken and saute in the same pan until hot.

F3 - Sour Cream Noodle Bake = so this one is not so versitile as the others but still has some good potential to mix it up.

* Saute some sausage and broccoli. Add to the noodle mixture and throw some cheese on top and heat it in the oven at 350 until heated through.

* Add a bit more sauce or tomatoes, throw in some fresh basil and garlic. This just creates a little refresher for the same meal.

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